About ARC

About ARC Energy

ARC Energy provides innovative semiconductor scale technologies, turnkey solutions, and expertise for companies to meet the demands of the solid-state lighting and other clean energy markets.

With several leading customers worldwide, and successful turnkey installations at customer sites, ARC Energy continues to aggressively hire skilled employees to meet the growing demand for our technology and services.

Why ARC Energy?

Innovative Technology

  • Unique c-axis sapphire technology platform that enables semiconductor scale manufacturing for the LED industry.
  • Deep research experience and extensive industry knowledge that allows our engineering team to design and develop new technologies that enable our customers to quickly deliver high-quality product to the marketplace.

Complete Solutions for Customers

  • Complete turnkey solutions (equipment, process and service) that allow for rapid deployment and delivery of innovative products to help our customers meet demand in both existing and emerging markets.

Commitment to Excellence

  • Customers worldwide are operating ARC Energy’s technology and are in mass production for large diameter sapphire.
  • ARC Energy continually invests in equipment and processes to uphold our commitment to delivering cost-effective products and services that meet our customers’ performance and business needs.